2017 #YEGSemicolon – Important Update

Posted Saturday August 26, 2017 by emhac

2017 #YEGSemicolon Important Update

#YEGSemicolon has raised more than $66,000 for mental health programs in the Greater Edmonton Area, and created a huge community of friends; 1,600 of whom have their semicolon tattoo from our last two events!

Our plans for #YEGSemicolon on October 1, 2017 were grand. Our committee and volunteers worked hard to create an entire mental health festival where our community could come together to be part of something significant and bigger than we’ve done before.

Unfortunately, our vision to create this festival for October 1st just wasn’t possible due some restructuring with our volunteer committee and prioritizing our own mental health needs. This is something we will always prioritize, and always encourage our supporters to do as well.

That said, we are excited to confirm that EMHAC is still proceeding with presenting the 2017 #YEGSemicolon events, but there will be some changes this year.

2017 #YEGSemicolon will now take place over the whole month of October, and we’ll be kicking off the tattoo fundraiser alongside Mental Illness Awareness Week starting on October 1.

You can still get your choice of 2017 #YEGSemicolon tattoos, but the set up will be different.

  • On August 27, we will launch ticket sales so you can purchase your general admission tattoo ticket.
  • Each tattoo will be $60, and you will have a small selection of tattoos to choose from.
  • When you purchase your tattoo ticket, you will get to choose the tattoo artist/shop you’d like to book your tattoo with.
  • You will get a confirmation email once you purchase your tattoo ticket with the contact information of the participating artists/shops.
  • You will then book an appointment directly with the artist/shop you selected.
  • Participating artists will be honouring 2017 #YEGSemicolon tattoo bookings from October 1 – 31, 2017. That’s right, you have a whole month to book your appointment to get your tattoo.
  • Proceeds from 2017 tattoo tickets/donations will go to support our three selected charitable recipients and their mental health programs. This year, we will be supporting Equinox Therapeutic Counselling Services, Edmonton Men’s Health Collective, and Clean Scene.
  • EMHAC will host a #ShowUsYourSemi celebration night in November where everyone is welcome to come and share your 2017 #YEGSemicolon tattoo!

What These Changes Mean

Because of the change in event structure, we will not be hosting the tattoo event at one location as was done in prior years. This means we will not be hosting a vendor market or have resource booths and volunteers.

Simply put, it will be like booking your own tattoo and going to the shop directly, but all proceeds will be supporting our wonderful recipient organizations and their amazing mental health programs.

We know many of you want your tattoo, and this is our answer to still proceeding with this event while raising money and awareness for mental health programs, which is very important to us.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support from the tattoo artists and shops involved. Our thanks to our participating artists/shops on board this year.

General admission tattoo tickets will be available for purchase on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at www.yegsemicolon.com.

Thank you for your continued support of EMHAC, #YEGSemicolon and mental health programs in the Greater Edmonton Area.

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