As you can probably tell, we have switched things up with EMHAC again!
We are well into 2018, and there has been a lot of reorganizing and restructuring happening behind the scenes and we felt that it was time to share all of the changes with you!
Firstly – our Executive Board has changed a little bit, Wendy had to step down to take some time and focus on her career and her personal life and we are in full support of her as she creates a stir elsewhere but will still remain true to herself and fight the stigma of mental health wherever she may be! She also promised to continue to support and cheer us on from the sidelines, so keep a sharp eye for her at any of our events! That being said, we have two new Chair’s on the committee! Komala and Jenn have banned together to Co-Chair and help create stability and structure with our Executive Team, they are both a strong driving force and have tons of great ideas to focus on throughout the rest of the year!
Secondly – our website got a facelift again. With everything going on, and the new idea of what we believe EMHAC should be we decided we needed a platform that would better support that and create a different sense of community! We want to be involved in all the activities happening in our city and we want a place to share exciting events, ideas and resources!
Thirdly – we will not be having our annual #YEGSemicolon event, we realize that this has been our signature event in the past and it helped us to get our name out to the folks in Edmonton as well as start a conversation between a lot of people and for that we are so thrilled and grateful. But putting on a festival of that stature is not attainable for us at this point in time, so we will be focusing on smaller community based events throughout the city of Edmonton and will revisit the idea of a large festival again in the future. EMHAC is proud to collaborate with Aces N Spades for YEGsemicolon promotions, so keep an eye out on our page for more details to come!
With all of these changes happening, we want to express our gratitude for the continued support we have in the city and from all of you that consistently engage with us online, and in person and who show up to the events to enjoy yourself.
We urge you to reach out at any point if you have any questions or suggestions for us! We are here for you and because of you!
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